January 1, 2011

Shortarmguy Family Christmas 2010

A Shortarmguy Family Christmas 2010

This year's holiday season started out for us like the past 10 years have with a visit to Luke and Avery's cardiologist, Dr. Singh.  This year's visit was really hard on us.  Not because we heard anything new about the boy's hearts, in fact they're doing great!  No, this year we discovered that Dr. Singh is going to be retiring next October.  He's been with our family since the boys were still in Miss Sheri's belly and has guided us through some very dark times.  He has done so much for so many families.  He deserves to retire and take some time to relax, but he certainly will be missed by us and by many others.
It was our year to host my family for Christmas, so my sisters drove their families from Texas to Minnesota.  We had 14 people and 4 dogs sleeping under our roof for 5 straight nights.  Of course there was some drama, but we sure had a lot of fun!

Grandma Linda was pretty excited to have all of her grandkids in town even if most of them have now surpassed her in size.

I didn't feel quite right taking a bunch of photos in front of the altar at church, but nobody kicked us out so I guess it was OK.

My sisters couldn't get enough of each other.  They just love being together.  So much so that they couldn't even take a break from one another while working out on the treadmill.
I thought it would take the dogs awhile to get settled into our house, but they assimilated themselves pretty quickly.

The girls had a much tougher time getting used to things.  Two families sharing a single guest bathroom?  That's ridiculous!  What kind of operation are we running???

We tried to keep the Texans outside as much as possible to give us all some breathing room.  Sheri even snowblowed some puppy paths in the backyard for the dogs to have some room to run.  They were very popular!

We thought it would be fun to take them down the street to go sledding.

As Bailey and the others quickly learned, them hills is slippery!

We also took them across the frozen lake, but everyone wanted to go back home when they discovered that there was no way we could dig a hole to go swimming.

We then took them skiing at Welch Village and our old pal, Krazy Kory, joined us for the day.  Everyone had a great time and not a single bone was broken!  That we know of.  We may have caused some broken bones to other skiiers, but we haven't been arrested yet for any hit and runs so we think we're safe.

It wasn't all just hardcore skiing, though.  There were also some really sweet moments full of rest and romance in there as well.

I don't care what my family says.  I think I look good when I'm dressed for skiing!

No trip to Minnesota would be complete without a visit to the Mall of America.

We even got suckered into going to see the movie Tron: Legacy in the MOA Theaters DBOX Motion Seats.  What a complete waste of money!!  The movie was decent, but the 3D was garbage and the DBOX motion seats were a joke.  They supposedly enhance the viewing experience, but they hardly even move and when they do it seems to have nothing to do with what we were watching on screen.  Definitely not worth $17.00 a ticket!!  Next time I'm paying the $6.00 matinee price and throwing the 3D glasses back at the cashier and kick the DBOX seats as I walk by them.

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