January 17, 2011

Who is trying to sell the identiy of the artist Banksy on Ebay for a million bucks?

So I was just checking Alexa to see what the hottest pages on the internet are currently and stumbled across this Ebay Auction:

I thought that was a very odd auction, so I did a search on "the identity of banksy" and found this article:

Where I learned:

Banksy is the pseudonym for a British street artist known for painting traditionally satirical and black humor paintings on the walls of buildings across the world. The artwork relies on a stencil-like style and has become a bit of a cult phenomenon, even spurring the creators of the Simpsons to commission an opening couch gag from the eccentric artist.

But the identity of Banksy has never been revealed. Even when creating the couch gag episode, the Simpsons creators went through a series of representatives for the artist and never had direct contact with him (or her.) That’s actually been part of the appeal of the enigmatic artist — that, and Banksy’s contempt for auctioneers that try to sell his art for profit.

Well, no identity is safe on the Internet. The Internet’s detective skills are well-known and even infamous from time to time. The seller claims he has confirmed Banksy’s identity by matching the price he sold his artwork with some tax records. That’s a pretty crafty way to go about doing it, though the seller didn’t give any additional details about how he arrived at the tax information.

Regardless of the validity of the claim, it’s already attracted 38 bids and the price has gone all the way up to a cool $999,999.00. The auction started just last week and ends on Wednesday. The winner will receive a piece of paper that will have the name of Banksy on it — because eBay originally wouldn’t let jaybuysthings sell something that wasn’t a physical object.

here's a video I found on Youtube titled "Who is Banksy?"

So somebody answer the question?

Who is trying to sell the identiy of the artist Banksy on Ebay for a million bucks?

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