January 31, 2011

Intel Finds, Fixes Design Flaw In Sandy Bridge Chipsets

The news of the chipset error could has big implications for the channel, said Todd Swank, vice president of marketing at Nor-Tech, a Burnsville, Minn.-based system builder.

Swank said his company had received OEM samples of the Sandy Bridge and related products, and already had two SKUs lined up, before he heard the news this morning.

"We were totally in preparation mode," Swank said. "Intel has been out there preparing for the launch for a month. This is a big move."

Customers will be disappointed at the delay in the Sandy Bridge products, Swank said. "But the current Intel stuff out there in the market is pretty good," he said.

Swank praised Intel for getting the news out as quickly as it did and for taking care of the error before it hit the systems market.

"Good for Intel for stepping up and delaying shipments instead of sending them out and later dealing with issues related to the SATA drives," he said. "Good for Intel, which prides itself on its manufacturing."

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