June 12, 2011

103 degrees in Minnesota = Summer Fun is Finally Starting!

103 degrees in Minnesota = Summer Fun is Finally Starting!
Shortarmguy's Diary Update for June 12, 2011

So the weather in Minnesota has been crappy for about a year now, but then suddenly the temperature shoots up to 103 degrees!  All we could think was "We gotta get on the boat!  Now!!"
Pretty quickly after that, we said "We gotta get in the water!  Now!"  We're kind of impulsive that way.
The most exciting thing that happened at work this week was when this mama duck walked through our parking lot with her babies.  It was a pretty slow week at work.
The excitement level for the week really picked up on Friday night when the Zitzewitz Family came over for dinner.  Well, at least our excitement level picked up.  They seemed kind of bored with us rather quickly.
 The kids were very excited this week because Thursday was the last day of school for the year!  They thought a Toast would be most appropriate.  I thought a Quiet Time Nap would be better, but they didn't seem to agree with me.

On Saturday, we went to see the new JJ Abrams/Steven Spielberg movie, Super 8.  Sheri and the boys liked it a lot.  It was basically a cross between ET, The Goonies, and Cloverfield.   I thought it was pretty good but bought into the hype a bit too much so I found myself somewhat disappointed.  This review does a good job of replicating my feelings for the movie.

Last year, we went to Dallas for Memorial Day weekend and went tubing with my sisters.  The boys had a nasty wipe-out which can be seen here.  Since then, Luke has had no interest in getting back on a tube and we haven't had much fun trying to convince him.  Luckily for us, we found a new tube at Sam's Club that seems to have made him feel better about giving it a try.  On Saturday night, we took it out for it's maiden voyage and I'm pleased to say that the boys loved it!  So much so that they want to go again tonight.  Unfortunately for them, their dad is working on his dang website again!
Miss Sheri was nervous about them trying the tube thing again so decided she was going to hold the rope while they went.  After pulling her arm out of it's socket she thought it would be a much better idea to let the boat do the work instead.
On Sunday morning, the boys and I took Grandma Linda golfing.  Mainly because she's so much fun to watch.  It turned out that none of us played very well, but the togetherness time was a Hole In One!

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