June 19, 2011

Krazy Kory Looks Good on a Knee-board

Krazy Kory Looks Good on a Knee-board
Shortarmguy's Diary Update for June 19, 2011
We had an emotional week.  On Wednesday, we had our final cardiologist appointment with Dr. Singh.  After a long and successful career at Children's Heart Clinic in Minneapolis, he will be retiring this fall and we sure are going to miss him.  He's been with our family since the boys were still in Miss Sheri's belly.  He's guided us through some very scary and stressful times and we owe the world to him.  Thank you Dr. Singh for everything you've done for our family!
On Wednesday night, we joined our local electric company for their annual meeting and picnic.  We sure do love free chicken dinners!
I always look forward to these events because they also have activities like this Gladiator Ring.  It's so rare that I have the chance to beat on my kids in public, so I really like to make the best of these moments.
The boys also took advantage of the opportunity to legally beat on one another.  Luke thought it was pretty funny until Avery hit a home run with his head!
We thought it was going to be a pretty boring weekend so we talked Krazy Kory into driving up with Young Ben.  It looks like this may be the last we see of Kory for some time since he's moving to Estes Park, Colorado to start managing a new hotel.  We're going to miss him, but the place he's taking over looks incredible!  Check out their website here.
We planned on going boating all day, but Mother Nature wasn't cooperating.  Since the boys were getting rained on anyways, Kory thought he'd help them get even more wet with a rousing game of King of the Raft.
Saturday night, we finally said "Let the Rain Be Damned" and we took out the boat.  We just had to do it because as this post is titled "Krazy Kory looks good on a Knee-Board!"
Ben had never been on a knee-board before, but he was very eager to learn.  I think he really enjoyed it, but he did say he got sick of catching all those mosquitoes in his mouth.
We noticed the skies were getting blacker with clouds, but decided to let the boys go on the tube for awhile before we put the boat away.  Avery had fun, but Luke swore a storm was going to hit us any second.
On Sunday, we celebrated Father's Day with Grandma Linda at my favorite restaurant, The Outback.   MMMM, steak and lobster for only $14.99!  Tough to beat that!

Happy Father's Day, Everyone!

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