June 8, 2011

Receipt Found in Parking Lot. Felony charge filed in lobster and steak food stamps case!!

So I'm sure you've seen the crazy email that showed the grocery store receipt found in the parking lot of Angeli's County Market in Menominee, MI.  The one where some mysterious person had used food stamps to buy super expensive treats such as lobster and porterhouse steak along with some Mountain Dew to wash it all down.  The email usually accompanied some witty line about how it's real nice that us hard working people were scraping by with macaroni and cheese while the scoundrels living off the government were eating like kings.

Here's a copy of the receipt in case you haven't seen it:    

Several people emailed it to Shortarmguy.com over the past month or so.  I chose not to post it for a couple of reasons.  One, I thought it was fake.  Two, it made me kind of sad that somebody would do this.  

Well, it turns out it was a real receipt and the guy who bought the stuff was turning around and selling it a 50%  discount to raise cash for God Knows What.  He's been busted and charged with welfare fraud.

Here's a video with the story from the local news there:

I'm sure this guy thought there was no way in hell he could ever get in trouble doing something like this.  

Karma can really be a bitch, I guess.