July 16, 2011

Photo of a Bald Eagle at Fort Snelling National Cemetary

A Picture from the Star Tribune taken on a June morning at the Fort Snelling National Cemetery in Minneapolis.


  1. As much as I hate to say it, this photo looks photoshopped. There appears to be some blurring around the eagle, and the shadow simply isn't large enough. If it's legit, awesome, but I'm doubtful. People are so cynical these days... :-)

  2. I wish it was real, but it is fake. The shadow casts are all wrong, the sun is in the top left corner, look at the light reflection on the tombstones, the shadow is being casted in the wrong direction, the shadow itself is lighter shade that the real stubbed shadows, a few of the trees have the same upper branch makeup, rotated a little. The eagle is not big enough and he is perched to high on the stone. Also there is no shadow cast from the fake trees.

    1. It is confirmed as real. Back to CSI school for you!

  3. Love our pesimistic society don't we. All good is faked and all bad is likely real - but unfortunately for the pesimists (good for us folks who like to thing better of the world) the real story goes further and is more heart warming. The photo was never done for sale or for noteriety - it gained that on its own merrit. The guy took dozens of photos that day from a variety of angles, this one is the only one he published but the others confirm it was a full "photo shoot" encounter not a photo shop hype. The grainyness is from using an old school camera because that is what he prefers to carry and combined with not getting too close because he didn't want to disturb the eagle to flight. As you can see it is a hazy - lifting fog day which adds to the blurry and light refraction issues.

    BTW - just to add some reality here. If a person was going to photo shop an eagle into a cemetery, why in the heck would they bother adding or changing the trees? That would just ensure someone familiar with the cemetery would know it was fake.