July 17, 2011

Prior Lake Jazzfest 2011

Prior Lake Jazzfest 2011
Shortarmguy Diary Update for July 17, 2011

Sunny was excited to have his first boat ride of the season this week.  It was pretty cool, but when he started Howling "I'm King of the World" it started to get a little bit annoying.

He was pretty good on the boat until the boys decided to go tubing.

Then all he did was worry, worry, worry!

Eventually he decided he was best off to just hang out with Grandma Linda.  She's working on perfecting a method to be able to go on a boat ride without messing up her hair.  However, she doesn't quite have the right formula yet.  

At work, we went out for lunch with Nick Rahman to celebrate his birthday.  He wore his best hat for the occasion.

On Friday night, the family took the boys over to Benihana in Minneapolis to celebrate their 12th birthday.  Nothing like devouring a bunch of good Japanese food to make you feel a year older.

On Saturday night, Miss Sheri and I braved the 110 degree heat index to go to the annual Prior Lake Jazz Festival to see artists like Lamont Cranston, Lukas Nelson, and Buddy Guy.  We sweated off our Jazz Balls while listening to some damned good music.

We were tormented all day by sightings of one of the only two Zeppelins in the entire world!  It was in nearby Eden Prairie, Minnesota for the local air show.  It flew passengers over Prior Lake for most of the weekend and was a very impressive site to see!  I've learned zeppelins are larger than blimps and are differentiated by the fact that they have a solid frame inside the inflatable part.  The Star Tribune has a pretty cool video of the Zeppelin that can be seen here:

For the second year in a row, we attended this grand concert with our good friends, Sean and Ann Quinlan.  And for the second year in a row, we lamed out and left the concert early.  Buddy Guy was the headliner and when he went on stage, they suddenly started having severe audio problems.  We were sitting near the back of the festival and could barely hear a thing!  After about 15 minutes of this, Miss Sheri and I decided to call it a night.  Sean and Ann stuck around though and said the audio problems persisted for about an hour.  I'm glad we left when we did.

We really enjoyed listening to Lukas Nelson who is the son of Willie Nelson.  He has a unique sound, but you can definitely hear his father in there somewhere.  It's possible that Willie was hiding backstage somewhere singing along with his son.  I just don't know for sure.

On Sunday, we celebrated Luke's birthday with some of his friends.

Since Avery also had his birthday on the same day, we decided to let him come along and celebrate as well.

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