August 26, 2011

Stunning Cartoon from 1934 Chicago Tribune

Oh, how history repeats itself....


  1. This is funny, because if it had been right the first time history couldn't be repeating itself - the "young pinkos" would have destroyed the country back in the 30s. Instead, they took America from being a second rate world power to being the unquestioned leader of the free world. If we get the same delta out of the new "young pinkies from Columbia and Harvard" (I'm guessing the poster thinks of the Obama crowd here) I'll be satisfied.

  2. The young pinkos managed to turn a recession into a full blown depression and incur a huge debt to boot. The war is what ended the depression and made us a super power, not the young pinkos. The size of our government and the amount of taxes we pay both income and excise is thanks to FDR and his pinko crew. If they had not been stopped by the Supreme Court we would be very much like the typical socialist state. But the new young pinkos are trying to finish the job. See "New Deal or Raw Deal" for an education on FDR.

  3. What do you think funded the war? Magic? No. We took on even more debt.