October 2, 2010

Feeding the Eagles

January, 2010

The weather stayed so cold in St. Louis, Missouri and Alton, Illinois that the bald eagles were cruising over houses in hopes of a quick meal.

They could not access fish that were at the bottom of the river and had gathered together.

Some kind souls decided to feed the eagles so they would survive the cold spell.

They gathered fish and started feeding the group of eagles huddled on the shore.

The photos below show what happened. A retired teacher took these photos in front of his home.


(Note from Shortarmguy: I think the story is a bunch of BS, but I like the photos.)

Feeding the Eagles!

A beautiful morning feeding the eagles.

Once the fish were thrown, the eagles did not seem to fear the good Samaritans and word spread fast!

Eagles vying for the fish.

No zoom lens used here! The photographer was this close!

Here are the men who were feeding them. So close!!

As you know, it was not too long ago that the American Bald Eagle was an endangered species.

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  1. Yes it is a big load of C**p. See the link below