October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween --- Shortarmguy Diary Update for October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween
Shortarmguy Diary Update for October 31, 2010

We've had a relatively quiet week at the Shortarmguy Household.  Regardless of how cold it gets, Sunny is always ready to go swimming!  I guess dogs just don't wory about the shrinkage factor like humans do.

I've been impressed with how much higher the level of the water has been this year than the end of last season.  I guess all that peeing in the lake I did this summer has really started making a difference.

Quit taking pictures and throw me the damn ball!

While Sunny and I play at the lake, Miss Sheri stays home and does chores like picking up sticks off the roof.  Thank God I have her because if I didn't we'd have a huge wood pile up there!

The boys have to spend 20 minutes every day practicing their instruments for the middle school band. 

Here's a video of Luke playing his Marimba.

Avery has also been doing a great job playing his trombone.  But he told me if I posted a video of him playing it on Youtube, he'd smack me in the face.  So I guess I just need to be content with showing his picture for now.

The other thing we did this weekend was join a local fitness club called Dakotah Sport and Fitness.  Mom and dad need to get serious about getting in shape and losing some weight.  Or get serious about complaining about paying our monthly dues to the club, but never actually going there to work out.

Halloween was somewhat uneventful for mom and dad this year.  The boys went to a party at school, their first middle school party, and trick or treating with some friends.  And they wouldn't let me take pictures of any of it!  It really sucks when your kids start getting older! 

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