October 24, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge in Wisconsin Dells --- Shortarmguy Diary Entry for October 24, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge in Wisconsin Dells 

Shortarmguy Diary Entry for October 24, 2010

On Tuesday night, we had the pleasure of seeing the Hanson Boys.  They came over to winterize my boat and make me look bad for forgetting to wear my mustache and blue hat.  It's kind of sad to put the boat away for the winter, but it's time.  Those freezing temperatures are just around the corner!

On Thursday, we took advantage of the MEA break to head to Great Wolf Lodge at the Wisconsin Dells with our good friends, the Zitzewitzes.  Beers and water parks.  A better combination has never been invented!

For two days, we got our water slides on, and our wave pools on, and our hot tubs on, and our lazy rivers on.  I just wish my fat butt would have been able to keep my swimsuit on.  It was pretty embarrassing every time it fell off at the bottom of one of those crazy slides!

We were pretty much all in agreement that the craziest ride there was the Howlin' Tornado.  You do a massive drop into a 6-story funnel and then repeatedly swish and swirl 30 feet up the sides.  You then have a massive desire to throw-up all over your neighbor on the raft.  Luckily, you're already in the water so it's easy to wash the vomit off and go right back on the ride again!

I decided to scale Fort Mackenzie and check out the massive bucket of water that supposedly drops 1000 gallons of water on your head.

There must have been something wrong with the bucket, though, because I swear I only counted 950 gallons.

As usual, Karl and I got pretty competitive with one another.  This time it was on the mat races where we zoomed down four story tubes of water with heart stopping twists and turns.  Karl pretty much had my number the entire first day, but I did start finally winning some races on the second day.  As Karl would say, that's because I figured out how to cheat!!

The trip was going great until the second night when I walked into the bar and discovered Miss Sheri cheating on me!   She just shrugged it off and told me I was just jealous because I would never in my life have as much wood as this guy does!

She did make it up to me, though, by letting me snap this quick beaver shot of her before we left.  I sure do love my wife!!

My co-worker, Jay, recently re-named his Fantasy Football team to the Short Bus All Stars and our wondeful commissioner, Steve "Cuds" Cuddihy made this great new team logo for him.

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