October 6, 2010

A Teacher in Houston, Texas is discussing Shortarmguy in his classrom this week

I started my website more than 10 years ago for reasons just like this one spelled out below.  I find it really cool.  I hope the rest of you do as well!!

hey Todd,

Remember me? The teacher in Houston? Well, guess what pal, you are up now. My classes watched your Miami Ink youtube video and read a condensed version of your letter you sent me earlier.

One of my classes has an additional assignment to find out more about what kind of help is out there now for people with disabilities (mental/physical) in regards to medicines, medical devices, laws etc. They must also get info on the ADA act and how it applies to businesses. Yes it is a biology class but I like to give it a Medical Ethics bend since we don't offer a class like that.

Don't be shocked if you get emails from the students. I was pleasantly surprised to see how most of them used the word brave to describe you. Many were touched while reading your story and a few confided in me about personal problems they have had to overcome.

Again our school is Elsik High School in Houston texas. http://elsik.aliefisd.net/home.aspx?goto=home

We are a very culturally diverse school and most of the kids are on free lunch meaning very low income.


jorge rodriguez

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  1. omgg.... Mr.Rodriquez...
    i like this!!!! and yes it is really interestig to know about you sir.. is amazing how you living your life normal.. you are a really brave guy! i admire youu!!! i hope every one with any kind of dissabikity was like you.. theres nothing to be achame off... well hope you doing good... take care...
    att. Ana Landa
    am from elsik high im in one of mr Rodriquez classes...:) loved your story...